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Digital Marketing For Roofers

Digital Marketing For Roofers

As a roofing business owner, you’re already aware of the stiff competition in the industry. To stand out and attract more leads, you’re going to need a robust, well-strategized digital marketing plan. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the complex world of digital marketing for roofers and turn your roofing business into a lead-generating machine.

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Why Invest in a Roofing Digital Marketing Agency?

Just as your clients rely on your expertise to resolve their roofing issues, your business can greatly benefit from the marketing services of a roofing digital marketing agency. The primary expectation when hiring such an agency is the assurance of high-quality services designed to enhance lead acquisition and revenue growth. By collaborating with a competent marketing agency, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are not only well-directed but also yield the desired results.

Working with a digital marketing agency also saves you a lot of time. Instead of having to figure out the intricacies of marketing techniques, you can focus on your core business activities while the agency takes care of your marketing needs.

However, before you hire a marketing agency, it’s important to understand the basics of digital marketing. This knowledge will allow you to communicate your business goals more effectively and set realistic expectations from the partnership.

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing for Roofers

Traditional marketing methods, such as newspaper ads, flyers, and community bulletin boards, have their place in the roofing industry. However, the advent of the internet has significantly shifted the marketing landscape. Today, digital marketing channels provide an opportunity to reach potential leads in a more targeted and personalized manner.

Inbound marketing is a key aspect of digital marketing. It involves attracting potential customers by creating valuable content that is tailored to their needs and pain points. This could be in the form of blog posts, infographics, videos, or social media posts. The goal is to engage with your audience, provide them with useful information, and ultimately, convert them into customers.

Investing in Digital Marketing: How Much Should You Spend?

The budget for digital marketing services largely depends on your business goals and the current state of your marketing efforts. If you’re starting from scratch with a new website, you might need to invest more compared to a business that has its SEO already in place and is looking to intensify its social media marketing efforts.

Typically, B2B companies allocate between 2%-5% of their revenue to marketing, while B2C companies allocate between 5%-10%. For roofing businesses, a usual starting point for marketing spending is around $1,500 per month depending on the local market, competition, business age, and more. This amount can be scaled as leads start coming in.

Remember, you should consider digital marketing services as an investment rather than an expense. A well-executed marketing strategy can bring in a significant return on investment (ROI), far outweighing the initial costs.

The Art of Getting Roofing Leads

In the context of digital marketing for roofers, generating leads involves making strategic use of online channels, tactics, and strategies. These may include email campaigns, paid social media ads, and content downloads. The goal is to identify, attract, and convert online users into potential customers.

A good marketing strategy aligns with the stages of the sales funnel. The sales funnel is a model that illustrates the customer’s journey towards making a purchase. It has three stages:

  1. Awareness: At this stage, the aim is to create visibility and attract the attention of potential leads.
  2. Consideration: This stage involves providing relevant information to persuade the audience that you’re a viable option.
  3. Decision: At this stage, the buyer demonstrates interest in your product or service and considers making a purchase.

By understanding the sales funnel, you can better align your marketing materials to the needs of your audience at each stage.

Once you have your sales funnel laid out, it becomes easy to lay out your digital content and marketing tasks to be complete. Once you have your plan laid out, its easy then to chip away one task at a time to efficiently implement digital marketing for roofers. 

SEO For Roofing Companies: A Major Player in Generating New Leads

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in driving organic traffic to your website. SEO involves improving various elements of your website and its content to enhance your rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs).

When implemented correctly, a robust SEO strategy can significantly improve your online visibility, leading to increased lead generation and sales. For instance, if your roofing business is based in Glenview, Illinois, you would want to target relevant keywords that potential customers in that area are likely to use in their online searches.

Understanding the Different Types of Keywords

Keywords can be categorized based on user intent into four types:

  1. Informational: These keywords usually contain words like “what is” or “how” and are used by users seeking information.
  2. Navigational: These keywords involve users typing a company or brand name into a search engine.
  3. Commercial: These keywords support the idea of purchasing and are used by users wanting to know more about a product or service.
  4. Transactional: These keywords indicate a strong desire to make a purchase.

By understanding these types of keywords and how they relate to the sales funnel, you can create more effective content and SEO strategies.

Ensuring that you are providing the right content based on what Google, determines the searcher’s intent is very important. This is just one thing that differentiates just “traffic” from leads. 

The Power of Content in SEO for a Roofing Company

Quality content forms the backbone of any successful SEO strategy. Whether it’s blog posts, infographics, videos, or social media posts, the content you create should provide value to your audience and establish your business as an authority in the roofing industry.

Creating and publishing high-quality, relevant content regularly can significantly boost your SEO efforts and help your business stand out in the crowded roofing market.

At VWS, we execute content marketing at every level of the sales funnel to help encourage potential customers to become clients. 

The Importance of Website Performance in SEO

The performance of your website can significantly impact your SEO rankings and, ultimately, the number of leads you generate. Google has stated that website speed  is an SEO ranking factor. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your website runs smoothly and quickly.

Additionally, with mobile traffic accounting for half of all online searches, it’s critical that your website is mobile-friendly.

Just think of it this way, how long would you look at a blank window waiting for the information you’re looking for? A performance boost on an already existing website could be just what you need to increase your leads if you already have a strong SEO foundation. 

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PPC For A Roofer Business : A Powerful Tool in Your Digital Marketing Arsenal Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and More

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be an effective tool in generating more leads for your roofing business. Unlike SEO, PPC gives you instant results. However, it’s important to note that the traffic you get from PPC isn’t free — you pay every time someone clicks on your ad.

While PPC can’t replace SEO, it can be a valuable supplement to your SEO efforts. Combining SEO and PPC in your digital marketing strategy can give you a balanced and diversified approach to lead generation.

Especially for newer roofing companies trying to grow their client list and email list, we recommend pay-per-click strategies alongside SEO to supplement the early periods waiting for SEO to take effect. It is important to note, that PPC is not going to affect organic search results. 

We have found Google Ads to be the most fruitful for increasing inbound leads. To increase brand awareness or a new service offering, we found social media like Facebook Ads to be the most effective PPC method. For increased commercial service availability, Linked In Ads are an excellent route to take.

Leveraging Social Media Marketing for Roofers

Social media can be an effective tool for building a community and attracting leads. It allows you to engage with your audience, answer their questions, promote your services, and display client reviews.

Showcasing the work you do to your audience, while engaging in the local community is the most effective way to organically grow your social media presence. We usually opt for localized hashtags and other businesses to do collaborations with or featured posts with. When done with a business that offers complimentary services or products, you are both going to get exposure at different levels of the marketing funnel, while organically showing potential customers how your work actually looks. 

Display Client Reviews on Social Media

Client reviews can greatly enhance your credibility and attract more leads. Displaying client reviews on your social media platforms can build confidence in potential customers and convince them to hire your services.

Think of the last time you purchased a product or service. Did you just take the website for its word, or how about the salesmen’s word? You most likely looked for some sort of social proof to ensure you were not going to get ripped off or get less than satisfactory service. Social media profiles show up is search results, if people are searching about how your company performs, make sure they know!

Roofers : Harnessing the Power of Email Marketing

Email marketing is another effective tool for building a strong client base. It provides a high ROI and allows you to communicate directly with potential customers in their inboxes. This can be especially lucrative through B2B client lists. However, keeping your clients contact information to contact them later is an great start to increase customer retention. 

Think about what services you could offer in conjunction with the services you already provide. If you have the ability, you may offer gutter cleaning, or roof blow/sweep offs, or annual inspections. The list goes on but the principle remains the same, provide continued value to your current customers and they will continue to be your customers. 

Why Hiring a Professional Marketing Agency is a Smart Move

While you can certainly try to implement digital marketing strategies on your own, hiring a professional marketing agency like Visionary Web Solutions can save you time and ensure that your efforts yield the desired results. With their experience and expertise, we can craft a custom strategy tailored to your business needs and guide you toward success and growth.

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