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How To Advertise A Pressure Washing Business

How To Advertise A Pressure Washing Business

Advertising for a pressure washing business can become a tricky task, while running the business as well. This is due to the extreme target market. You have to make sure that you are targeting homeowners who have enough disposable income to afford your services. Once you have decided your ideal customers, you can begin to build your pressure washing marketing strategy.

At VWS we believe that the best way to go about marketing a pressure washing business is through print marketing AND digital marketing. It is no secret that the yard sign is an excellent money making piece to add to your marketing strategy. But, when paired with a strong digital presence, you could capitalize off of other companies yard signs. Not everyone who sees your sign will think to take a picture, odds are, they will just google the services instead.

Different Methods To Advertise A Pressure Washing Business

Print Marketing Methods

Digital Marketing Methods

The Best Way To Advertise A Pressure Washing Business

The best way to advertise a pressure washing business is a highly controversial topic on most forums. This is because the answer will not be the same for everyone. We believe one of the easiest and strongest performing is Google ads, to break into the industry.

Once you have built your ideal customer, you will begin to know what marketing materials will work better. When you know this information, you can build strong targeting pressure-washing ad campaigns to increase conversions and ROI.

KPI's For A Pressure Washing Business

Whenever you are building out your marketing strategy for your power washing business, always remember to set KPI’s. KPI stands for a Key Performance Indicator, when you set these to measure your marketing strategy’s success, you have a better handle on how you are performing. A KPI for a pressure washing business could be a lead submission form, a call button on a landing page, an online booking, etc.

Pressure Washing SEO

You cannot have a digital marketing strategy for a pressure washing business without a SEO strategy. SEO for pressure washing is an absolute must due to the importance of the map pack in Google’s search results. The map pack can make or break your digital marketing efforts. The map pack is contributed by your Google Business Profile and your website.

Having your GBP optimized should be every new business owner’s #1 task to get pressure washing leads through the search engines. Always remember, SEO for pressure washing is a great way to increase your online presence, acquire new leads, and grow your business. SEO however, does take time to build traction and show results. Search engine optimization, is an excellent investment in time or money, to get your pressure washing website ranking highly.

On your website, always have a Google maps service area map linked. Make sure that you have helpful and informative content. Do not just have your services and a form, this is not effective for ranking for growth.

Looking for SEO services

We have been in the pressure washing industry for years. We understand the industry keywords, and language. 

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Google Ads For Pressure Washing

While you are waiting for your SEO efforts to “take hold” you can capture more potential customers with Google ads to grow your pressure washing company. An effective Google ads campaign should be set for certain zip codes or within a certain radius of your base of operations.

You should also have negative keywords in your campaign so you do not waste money. Tailoring a landing page to your specific keyword campaign is an effective way to increase conversions. Make sure with every campaign you create and run, set a maximum bid per click.

But aside from online marketing for pressure washers, you are a local business, utilizing the best form of advertising EVER (because it’s free) word of mouth.

Pressure Washing Marketing Agency

If you are in need of a pressure washing marketing marketing agency give us a call! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for us to take over your marketing or to build your marketing from the ground up. If you are looking for power washing advertising, we would love to discuss your business and see if you could grow any more efficiently.

With years in the industry (washing, distributor end, and marketing end) we can help you take your business the next level. We can help you get off the truck , or maybe even add a couple to your fleet. We tailor marketing strategies, to the business owner as well as the target market.

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