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SEO for Pressure Washers

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Benefits of SEO for Pressure Washing Businesses

The most beneficial aspect of SEO for pressure washing is that you don’t have to pay for each lead! Sure, it does take longer than Google Ads but for good reason. SEO builds over time and works long after you are done with services. 

Don’t believe us? We have rejected customers, due to their previous company did excellent work that was still taking effect  up to 2 years later! Not sure what “excellent work” is? Don’t worry, we will go over that next.

With SEO services, dependent on your approach, could answer customer questions before they have to call. This means having the proper information in the proper areas can act as a 24/7 sales tool. 

If you’re looking to expand your already successful business, SEO may be the perfect opportunity. Moving into new territory comes with risk, but SEO can help keep expansion cost on ads down because lets face it, everyone hates ads. I don’t know about you, but I personally scroll past ads on the Search Engine Results Pages or “SERPs”.

Showing up in the Map Pack as well as regular results is the biggest measuring device in Pressure washing SEO. This is where results for “Pressure washing services near me” and all of the variations will show up. But we will get into more detail in that in Understanding SEO for Pressure Washing. 

Understanding SEO for Pressure Washers

SEO for pressure washing businesses is not just “working on your website.” It is providing value and information to your ideal customer and helping them down your sales funnel. Notice the bolded phrase, most SEO companies will tout traffic and “leads” but in our eyes quality SEO doesn’t just lead to well…leads but JOBS.

This is done on our end with your help. With the ideal customer in mind, then you start to implement tactics. 

SEO For your Website

The three biggest deciding factors before you even rank on Google are, website speed, security, and mobile-friendliness. Due to the number of searches on mobile only growing each year, building your site for mobile first is the best approach for growth. 

The next step would be completing updated keyword research. Keywords, if you aren’t familiar are the phrases that users type into search engines.

Keywords can be anywhere from one or two words or a whole sentence. You will want to target service specific terms and more general industry terms. This is most likely going to be an ongoing task for you because you’re always going to want to see if you can target more people. 

Using local language(because you are only targeting people in your service area not the whole country) start working on heading tags on your website. If your main business operation take place in Dallas for example, the H1 on your pressure washing services page may be “Pressure/Power Washing Dallas, TX” 

Once you have the perfect heading tags, you will want to work on your meta descriptions. Although they are not a “direct ranking factor” per Google, they are however usually the deciding factor in whether someone clicks on your link or your competitors. 

Lastly you’ll want to focus on simple url structure and alt text for photos. 

SEO for your Google Business Profile

Your Google My Business Profile should be the first thing you do for your business online. This is going to be what helps your listing show up in the map pack. The map pack shows up before or next to web results for services like power washing. This is why we advise for industry newcomers, focus on this before you even build a website. 

The first thing to do with your listing is optimize the categories. Don’t leave any services you provide out, this helps Google show you for other services you may be able to use to get a foot in the door. 

Next, fill out your business information and description. The description is what people will look at to get an idea of who your company is. Having all of this information filled out can help convey trust to potential clients. 

Uploading photos is a continuous task for pressure washing. The more photos of work you have completed is more assuring to potential customers that you do quality work all the time! 

Writing posts is a big help for getting noticed in the map pack more as well. As long as you create content that isn’t spam and it has your target keywords in it, these can work wonders when paired with blog posts. 

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My website turned out amazing! I got everything I asked for and if I ever had a question or change I wanted to make, it was addressed almost immediately. It was so